Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

PBIS is our school wide behavior system that we use at Fairmont School.

The philosophy of this program is that by recognizing and rewarding students for positive behavior through tickets, positive praise and rewards, students will begin to form intrinsic motivation to behave in a positive way.

This will help build upon our positive learning environment in all areas of the school. 

Through the PBIS program, Fairmont has developed a common language for behavior expectations in each area of the school: the classroom, hallways, MPR, playground, office, bathroom, library and computer lab.

When you are on campus, you will see the Spartan Code banners which explain the expectations for all areas of our school. Each child is familiar with the Spartan Code expectations:


Show Respect Be Responsible Do Your Personal Best Always Learn Find A Victory

Spartan Code Teaching Matrix

Spartan Code Classroom Hallway Playground / Recess MPR Bathroom Library / Computer Lab Office
Show Respect *Treat others as you want to be treated
*Use kind words
*Use a quiet voice
*Quiet Voice
*Respect others learning
*Keep hands to self
*Put litter in garbage can
*Use equipment properly
*Use an inside voice
*Listen to adults
*Keep it clean
*Wait your turn
*Look at the speaker
*Quiet voice
*Wait for teacher before you enter
*Enter quietly and use a quiet voice
*Wait peacefully for an adult to help you
Be Responsible *Be on time
*Use materials appropriately
*Be honest
*Come prepared to class (pencil, binder, backpack, homework
*Be aware of others
*Face forward in line
*Stay in line when walking to and from classroom
*Keep hands and feet to yourself
*Beware of activities around you
*Listen for whistle to stop
*Walk at all times
*Leave your area clean
*Wash hands
*Report any cleanTups needed to staff
*Use space safely
*Keep shelves neat
*Return computer to "log off" state
*Walk quietly
*Be polite to office staff and visitors
Do Your Personal Best *Complete your class work and homework
*Be willing to participate and answer questions
*WALK at all times
*Use kind words
*Go directly to your destination
*Include others
*Share turns
*Report problems to an adult
*Stand in line
*Wait patiently
*Use kind words
*Use quiet voice
*Return to previous location quickly
*Leave space the way you found it or better
*Ask questions for clarification
*Sit silently
*Sit appropriately on office furniture
*Throw your trash away
Always Learn *Give your best effort
*Be prepared to learn
*Set goals
*Listen to all adult's directions
*Be polite
*Listen for adult's instructions
*Use appropriate language
*Raise your hand for help
*Help others
*Ask questions
*Use quickly to be able to return to class *Complete AR goals
*Use computers for school work only
*Listen for instruction
*Work quietly on all assignments
*Obey all office staff
Find a Victory *Be on task
*Listen attentively
*Help and share with others
*Be aware of others
*Display a positive attitude
*Be a leader
*Follow playground rules
*Line up when called
*Stay in line when walking in and out of the building
*Follow directions first time given
*Display a positive attitude
*Be a leader

*Use facilities appropriately (water, soap, paper towel) *Complete tasks
*Study, read, compute
*Be a leader
*Be on task
*Wait patiently
*Use good manners