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Fairmont Elementary School

PBIS is our school wide behavior system that we use at Fairmont School. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. The philosophy of this program is that by recognizing and rewarding students for positive behavior through tickets, positive praise and rewards, students will begin to form intrinsic motivation to behave in a positive way. This will help build upon our positive learning environment in all areas of the school. Through the PBIS program, Fairmont has developed a common language for behavior expectations in each area of the school: the classroom, hallways, MPR, playground, office, bathroom, library and computer lab. When you are on campus, you will see the Spartan Code banners which explain the expectations for all areas of our school. Each child is familiar with the Spartan Code expectations: SHOW RESPECT, BE RESPONSIBLE, DO YOUR PERSONAL BEST, ALWAYS LEARN, FIND A VICTORY.

Students will randomly receive a green Spartan ticket when they demonstrate one of the Spartan Code qualities. The student then puts their ticket in a class container. On Fridays, one name is drawn from each class ticket container and the winners get to choose a prize in the office.

Included on the back of this page are examples of the banners stating the Spartan Code expectations that are displayed on our campus. These are used as reminders for our students to follow the Spartan Code. To see the complete list of the Spartan Code Expectations, look at the Fairmont website: Click on schools, Fairmont, and the link is Positive Behavior Interventions and Support.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact LeAnna Palumbo or Carla Box through the Fairmont office.